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While some people are perfectly happy to accept an "ordinary" car registration, others may want something a bit different to add a touch of individuality to their vehicle. Here at National Numbers, you'll be able to search for private registration numbers using our number plates search facility - it's never been so easy!

Searching for your ideal plate

To search our site, simply type in your initials, name or any other phrase - we'll be able to tell you within seconds whether your plate of choice is already registered with us. You can use our search box to type in literally anything and you will get a result.

Of course, if you're a newcomer to the world of personalised number plates, we'll offer you unique expert advice.

So, private number plates can be personal, as in names, initials etc, be sport-related, for fun, to cover a year-letter or whatever you want them to be. As you can begin to see, private plates mean many things to many people but, to return to the idea of choice, they tend to appeal to drivers who want to stamp their personality on their plate and not just on the choice of their particular make of vehicle.

Start your search

You will currently be driving a vehicle. Many number plates have an intrinsic value. If you would like to discover the value of your number plate try our free instant valuation service. It takes only a few seconds and you get the answer straight away, no waiting, and no delay. We are the only dealer to have invented this system and we are very proud of it. Perhaps the mark on your car could become someone's private plate.

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